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English is more than ever one of the most important languages for communication. Hence it is vital for organisations to be able to express their message perfectly. How often have you recently read a brochure or visited a website and thought “that text does not read smoothly – it has not been professionally translated”?
Whilst English may have established itself as an internationally used language, German, on the other hand, is spoken as a first and second language by a large number of Europeans. English or American organisations need therefore to be certain that their services or products are presented to this important German-speaking market in the local “language” which means not only translating but interpreting the sense of the texts. For this reason, we at Dickinson Translations use only native language speakers for translating into English or German.


These specialists are trained to understand and deliver your message into the desired target language and not literally translate it word for word. It is a fact that translations from all medical fields are among the most sensitive texts of all.

Globalisation facilitates exchanges between medical professionals around the world. Sharing knowledge, observing scientific discoveries, simultaneously launching medicines in several markets… there is no shortage of applications and it is imperative to choose the right translation agency.

Please note that the German version of the website is for information purposes only and is not intended as a sample translation of the English version!



Birgit Dickinson

⇒ Sworn-in/publicly appointed translator for the English

    language authorised by the District Court Berlin

State-certified translator for English
    (Saarland Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)

⇒ AKAD Certificate: Certified Translator for English
     (AKAD University Stuttgart)


Birgit Dickinson is a professional freelance translator who, together with linguistically talented and experienced colleagues, offers English translations from and into German under the name of DICKINSON TRANSLATIONS.


Birgit Dickinson

Birgit Dickinson

Email: info@dickinson-translations.com
Mobile: +49 (0) 163 – 866 6139


Birgit Dickinson’s enthusiasm for the English language led her to London, England on completion of her “Abitur” which is the equivalent to the British A-level / American SAT exam. Following her graduation as a bilingual secretary, she worked in the London travel industry as PA to the Managing Director.

On her return to Germany, she spent several years managing the English/German correspondence for a company of American patent attorneys. Her first experience with translations in the medical world was gained with the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. Further professional engagements included interpreting for trade union delegations, proofreading for authors in addition to translating in the field of clinical research and art.

During this period Birgit obtained the diploma as Certified Translator and founded DICKINSON TRANSLATIONS. The experience gained throughout her career serves as an excellent foundation for the specialisation of DICKINSON TRANSLATIONS in the field of clinical research and economics.

English like a native speaker

Although a native German, Birgit has native fluency in English and speaks the language without any perceivable foreign accent. This mastery of the language enables her to translate into English as well as a native English speaker, something very rare amongst non-English speaking natives.

English as a hobby

Birgit’s enthusiasm for English does not stop in the office. She is involved with many social activities connected with the English language and is an active member of the American Women’s Club of Cologne (www.awccologne.org) which, with over 150 members, is a contact point for women (and their partners) from English-speaking countries and which is also active in supporting charity organisations.

Adham Sourani

⇒ Sworn-in/publicly appointed translator for the Arabic language authorised by the Higher        Regional Court of Cologne

⇒ Master of German Law (L.L.M. Master of Laws)

⇒ Law studies, University of Aleppo (degree: Bachelor)


Adham Sourani (L.L.M. Master of Laws), who came to Germany in 2014, first underwent training as an integration facilitator (intercultural knowledge, social legislation, laws and regulations for migrants, etc.) and then successfully completed a Master’s degree in “German Law” at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, specialising in civil law (with a focus on warranty law).

He has two mother tongues (Arabic and Kurdish), fluent language skills in German and translates from Arabic into German and vice versa.

Adham Sourani

Adham Sourani

Email: adhamsouranis@gmail.com
Mobile: +49 (0) 162 – 927 5536

We offer the following services



Certified translations for authorities, administrative bodies, universities etc. by authorised translators in the following languages:

    • German/English, English/German

      (subject area: law / medicine / business)

    • Doctors’ letters/medical reports, medical certificates, diagnoses, discharge letters, patient information leaflets, data protection declarations, etc.

    • Business correspondence


    • Arabic/German, German/Arabic

      (subject area: law)

    • Deeds, official documents, e.g. birth certificates, marriage contracts/certificates, divorce decrees, driving licenses, etc., court judgements, notary contracts, etc.

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